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Islands Philippines offers comprehensive list of Philippines telephone codes in Cagayan Valley Region.


Cagayan Valley Region / Region 2

It is composed of five provinces, namely: Batanes, Cagayan, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya, and Quirino. Its regional center is Tuguegarao City.
Most of the region lies in a large valley in northeastern Luzon, between the Cordilleras and the Sierra Madre mountain ranges. Cagayan River, the country's longest river runs through its center and flows out to Luzon Strait in the north, in the town of Aparri, Cagayan. The Babuyan and Batanes island groups that lie in the Luzon Strait also belong to the region.

Region 2 - Telephone Area Codes in Philippine Destinations and Provinces

Destination Province Code
Cagayan Valley Region - Isabela
Alicia Isabela 78
Aurora Isabela 78
Cabagan Isabela 78
Cabatuan Isabela 78
Cauayan Isabela 78
Echague Isabela 78
Isabela (Northern Province)   78
Mallig Isabela 78
Roxas Isabela 78
San Manuel Isabela 78
San Mateo Isabela 78
San Miguel Isabela 78
Santiago Isabela 78
Tumauini Isabela 78
Cagayan Valley Region - Cagayan Valley    
Aparri Cagayan Valley 78
Ballesteros Cagayan Valley 78
Buguey Cagayan Valley 78
Camalaniugan Cagayan Valley 78
Claveria Cagayan Valley 78
Enrile Cagayan Valley 78
Gonzaga Cagayan Valley 78
Lal-lo Cagayan Valley 78
Sanchez-Mira Cagayan Valley 78
Solana Cagayan Valley 78
Tuguegarao Cagayan Valley 78
Cagayan Valley Region - Nueva Vizcaya    
Bagabag Nueva Vizcaya 78
Bambang Nueva Vizcaya 78
Bayombong Nueva Vizcaya 78
Nueva Viscaya   78
Solano Nueva Vizcaya 78
Cagayan Valley Region - Batanes    
Basco Batanes 78
Cagayan Valley Region - Quirino    
Cabarroguis Quirino 78
Quirino   78

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Philippines Phone Area Code
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